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About Us

Melbourne Soil Screening was realised by Luke, owner of Luke Theodore Landscaping.

Our Company

After running a landscaping company for 8 years and constantly disposing of good quality soil because of minor contamination, I began to search for a way to recycle and decontaminate soil. Screening was the obvious answer, but the cost to hire large equipment to screen a few hundred cubic meters of soil was unfeasable and the smaller machines had low outputs resulting in excess labour costs. 


The Melbourne Soil Sceening plant is mobile, versatile, high output (up to 80 cubic meters per hour) and delivers soil directly to stockpiles or a truck via conveyor, reducing handling. Our service is reliable and economical and the outcome is enviromentaly responsible and beneficial.


Environment & Sustainability

With the recent tightening of standards regarding clean fill, the increasing cost of disposal and the limited number of sites available for disposal of clean fill, soil screening provides you with the option to reduce cost and reuse soil, resulting in a significant environmental benefit. 


By recycling and reusing unwanted material, carbon emmisions released during the transportation of materials is minimalised and the need to quarry for extra material is reduced due to the recycled products filling some of the demand.