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Melbourne Soil Screening brings a ready to work solution to materials management to your site. With orbital screening action, truck loading capability direct from plant, under's and over's conveyors and the ability to set up and operate in minutes, Melbourne Soil Screening will enhance your business's efficiency and profitability.
Councils, Parks & Gardens

Council yards and maintenance facilities usually have a stockpile of unwanted soil. With our screening plant we can convert it into high grade soil that can be reused in the next landscaping project, reducing the cost of purchasing new soil, eliminating disposal cost and freeing up space in the yard. Green waste stockpiles can also be screened, using a 25 or 50mm screen, with all the undersize used as compost or incorporated with soil, while the oversize can be chipped and used as mulch.


Building and road construction companies can greatly reduce output (disposal) and input (purchase of materials) costs associated with their work by employing our screening plant. Asphalt millings containing crushed rock and lumps of broken bitumen can be quickly screened on site, allowing crushed rock to be returned to use and bitumen either crushed or recycled. Soil excavated during the construction of subdivisions, from either road excavations or excavations for services, can be quickly screened and contaminates such as rock removed allowing the soil to be spread out on site.

Golf Course & Turf

After working in the golf course industry for 10 years I believe our service can offer great benefit to this sector. The flexibility of our screening plant allows it to be set up anywhere on the golf course that a small truck can access. Removing an old green becomes easy as it could be excavated straight into the screening plant and all the sod/clods removed, producing a fine graded soil that can be easily used in another construction project, stockpiled or even top dressed onto existing grass.

Environment & Waste Management

Many site remediation and decontamination tasks can be undertaken where the unwanted material can be differentiated by size, allowing for fast and economic clean up.  Logging sites that are contaminated with sticks and roots can be quickly cleaned up using the screen. Overs can be chipped and used as mulch, eliminating the need to stick rake and burn and allowing for reseeding for pasture or replanting for forestry.  

Skip companies can also benefit greatly by removing soil from other waste, allowing it to be disposed of cheaply and the soil resold.